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What is Record?

Record is an audio recording and music arrangement program from Propellerhead Software. It was originally launched late in 2009. The program sports an
interface designed to look like a (physical) mixing desk: users can build upon that interface through the addition of VSTs on the virtual rack. Record is
able to capture sound from external devices by making use of a native sequencer within it, one that also has the ability to condense several takes into a
single, unified file. It also has automated, tempo-based timestretching. Furthermore, it has its own bundled effects: a multi-module, effect-chaining
combinator; the Line 6 Guitar and Bass amps; a pitch correction and harmony generating device; a delaying effect; a multi-algorithm reverb effect tool; a
10-model distortion tool; and a flanger and chorus tool. It also has an equalizer tool as well as a stereo imaging device.

Record is no longer sold as a distinct application by itself, since Propellerhead Software made it a part of the Reason bundle (its full-featured music
authoring product) in 2011. The last release of the program as a standalone application was a year before that.

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File types supported by Record

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Last updated: : August 6, 2014