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Keyence Real-Time Chart Monitor

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What is Keyence Real-Time Chart Monitor?

The Real-time Chart Monitor is an integral component of KEYENCE’s KV Nano products. The KV Nano series is a set of PLCs or programmable logic controllers from the company that are often used to control various equipment arrays. One of the critical features of the KV Nano PLCs is the ability to take advantage of an interrupt input function that gives them an average response time of about 100 microseconds, allowing users very fine control over equipment placement when it is combined with a positioning command to stop a device or motor at a specific place. Labeling equipment arrays in manufacture usually depend on such programs, for instance, to ensure that the labeling machine always “hints” each product in an assembly line.

The Real-time Chart Monitor enters the picture here as a monitoring utility within the interrupt input function. It keeps track of the interruptions and processes to ensure that no anomalies or errors occur in the machinery, as a single deviation might lead to grave errors in this sort of precision process. The monitor keeps track of data in cycles for diagnostic purposes, saves equipment data, and also allows the user to check time measurements.

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Last updated: : December 5, 2022