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Rags Game System Player

If you are looking for Rags Game System Player, you have come to the right place. We explain what Rags Game System Player is and point you to the official download.

What is Rags Game System Player?

The RAGS Game Player is the software associated with the consumer end of the RAGS Suite and is downloadable at no cost to the user. RAGS stands for Rapid Adventure Game Creation System and the suite is composed of both the player and the designer, the latter program being the software that adventure or RPG game creators can use to make their own (typically categorized as “indie” or “interactive fiction”) games. The game player is then used to “consume” the final product.

The RAGS Game Player features a simple Windows-based format that includes an on-screen compass in order for players to easily see what direction they are facing in-game and whether they are heading in or out of a room or location. The typical layout sports large game text and room visual windows dominating the upper two-thirds of the game screen, with a tall row, including the compass and game character’s portrait taking up the lower third of the visual. The tool row makes it possible to see at all times what interactive objects exist in the current room and what tools the player has in his inventory.

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Last updated: : December 6, 2022