QuestSuite Professional

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What is QuestSuite Professional?

QuestSuite Professional is an application often used in reviewing the soundness and safety of working or industrial environments. The tool provides professionals who carry out industrial hygiene and safety reviews with a single data management program for their work. It can hold and create records, it can generate reports pertaining to those records, it can create charts and other visualizations of data, and it can aid users in analyzing the potential dangers of certain notable factors within a given work environment. As a result, the user will no longer have to deal with different applications just to manage different file types and data processing operations.

The program has been used for a great many environmental reviews, including dosimetry for noise and toxic gas, sound surveys, octave band sound analysis, instrument inventory, calibration management, air quality assessments, and so on.

QuestSuite Professional can also facilitate the programming of most monitoring instruments and can retrieve the data said instruments collect in the course of their operation. It can monitor the certifications for instruments as well. The data retrieved is also made searchable, so that users can easily mine and process it.

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File types supported by QuestSuite Professional

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Last updated: : December 14, 2014