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Puzzles Collection

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What is Puzzles Collection?

Puzzle Collection may refer to Puzzle Collection Portable, which is a bundle of a large number of one-player puzzle games from Simon Tatham. Tatham is perhaps best known among computer programmers for his creation of the PuTTY terminal emulator, but he also has his fair share of fame for his computer games. These are small applications, capable of running on several operating systems, including Windows, Nintendo, Mac OS X and Android.

Tatham admits that not all of the games bundled into the Puzzle Collection Portable software are of his invention and that some are what he dubs “re-implementations” designed for broad compatibility with majority of OSs. The games are also very low in system resource usage, so even users with older machines should be capable of running them effectively. Nearly all of the games are exercises in logic and reasoning, providing a quick dose of mental stimulation for users who need quick game solutions as “breaks” in between work sessions. The programs use the C programming language. Some of the games are Black Box, Keen, Light Up, Bridges, Dominosa, Slant, Solo, Sixteen, Unequal, Tents, Pearl, and Pattern.

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Last updated: : September 24, 2014