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Prokon Structural Analysis & Design

If you are looking for Prokon Structural Analysis & Design, you have come to the right place. We explain what Prokon Structural Analysis & Design is and point you to the official download.

What is Prokon Structural Analysis & Design?

Prokon Structural Analysis & Design is actually not one program but a suite of them—and a large one, at that. There are more than 40 distinct programs packed into the Prokon suite, all of them being aimed at facilitating structural design, structural analysis, and structural detailing. Many of the programs are in fact ones that have been developed by structural engineers as well, and thus provide users with an experience tailored to fit the structural engineer’s specific perspective and needs.

Some of the functions that the programs in the suite can serve would be steel member design, CAD detailing, reinforced concrete detailing, frame element analysis, geotechnical analysis, and masonry design. As a modular suite, it allows users to pick and choose the specific utility they need at any given time. Some applications in the suite are intended to be used with others, but many can stand alone and do their job without needing to rely on another program. A lot of the modules are flexible enough to both serve as standalones and work as parts of a larger system featuring other modules from the suite.

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Last updated: : August 21, 2014