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Project Navigator

What is Project Navigator?

Project Navigator can organize users’ design files. It also has the ability to run processes to move the design from design entries through implementation to programming the targeted Xilinx device. Project Navigator is also the high-level manager that is suitable for users’ CPLD and FPGA designs. This program allows them to do the following tasks: Add and produce design source files. These files can show up in the Sources window. Users will be able to modify their source files inside the Workspace. They can also run processes inside their own source files inside the Processes window, as well as view output from the processes found in the Transcript window.

Optionally, users will also be able to run these processes from a script that they have created or one that comes from a command line prompt. However, it is suggested that the user needs to familiarize themselves first with the simple use of the Xilinx Integrated Software Environment Software, as well as with project management. Project Navigator allows users to be able to manage their documents inside one safe environment, with tools made for their convenience. It contains some added CADD and MS Office file integration users, that can realize productivity gains right away.

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File types supported by Project Navigator

Our users primarily use Project Navigator to open these file types:

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