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What is ProCoder?

The Grass Valley ProCoder was a professional-grade video format converter. Its transcoding abilities permitted users to convert HD to SD video files and also made use of a scalable architecture in its transcoding processes that meant the program adapted its operations and resource usage to match the actual resources made available by the system on which it was being used. The better the system running it, the better it performed. It was able to perform adjustments in video quality, frame rate and image size during conversions (a critical feature for those converting videos into online media) and boasted full support for HD inputs and outputs.

The program came equipped with high-quality video and audio filters for video adjustment, allowing users access to tools for adaptive de-interlacing, Gaussian blurring, SD color correction, video pulldown, low pass audio filtering, volume adjustment, and more. Batch processing was possible and users could also create queues of tasks with priority settings and previews for progress bars. It also included a wizard that could help tyros at transcoding figure out the software and settings for optimizing their tasks and project flows.

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