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Primavera Professional

If you are looking for Primavera Professional, you have come to the right place. We explain what Primavera Professional is and point you to the official download.

What is Primavera Professional?

Primavera Pro is a project management solution from Oracle, intended for enterprise users and those who work on highly complex or very large projects. Given this target audience, it is little surprise that Primavera Pro packs a punch when it comes to project management utilities and capacities. The program actually places zero limits on the number of resources and target plans users have for each project, with the individual project activity limit set at 100,000.

Users of Primavera are provided tools for evaluating project potential risks and rewards, and also have end-to-end visibility on projects for optimum operations oversight. It can help users manage their project portfolios so as to maximize high-return investments and have process-streamlining and time-optimizing tools that can be of use in a variety of situations. Primavera Pro was designed to cater particularly to users from project-focused industries, e.g. the Engineering/Construction, Aerospace/Defense, and Oil/Gas industries. Furthermore, it packs the facilities users need to improve resource assignment within their projects, keep track of project performance, and run predictive and hypothetical project scenarios for next-level analysis that can help users better make critical decisions.

Download Primavera Professional from the developer

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File types supported by Primavera Professional

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Last updated: : August 13, 2014