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Power Commander Control Center

If you are looking for Power Commander Control Center, you have come to the right place. We explain what Power Commander Control Center is and point you to the official download.

What is Power Commander Control Center?

Dynojet’s Power Commander Control Center is the control panel for all functions and settings of its Power Commander application. Power Commander is a fuel map modifier. This is simply a program that overrides the fuel map in the stock computer of modern fuel-injected bikes, which sets the maximum power output of the machine within the acceptable range of emissions and noise. This fuel map is set right when the bike was manufactured, and considers a wide range of variables in the model of the bike such as engine RPM, exhaust type, injector size, valve timing, and the like. Power Commander allows biking enthusiasts to tune these factors into a configuration of their liking and thus squeeze extra horsepower from their bikes, analogous to “over-clocking” a computer rig.

The way it works is that the Power Commander software acts as a middleman between the stock computer and the fuel injectors, and allows the biker to adjust the quantity of fuel the engine can use. This effectively translates to more power by affecting the fuel-to-air ratio of the engine. Power Commander gives additional power, but works best with other bike modifications.

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Last updated: : June 20, 2014