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Portrait Professional Test

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What is Portrait Professional Test?

Portrait Professional Test is a program from Anthropics Software, the research arm of the National Film and Television School at Buckinghamshire. The program is a utility that can be used to apply what may be best termed as “idealizations” to portrait photos. These idealizations are alterations made to portraits on a part-automated, part-user-controlled basis—the user gets to work with several sliders that let him specify how far the program should go towards altering a specific aspect of the portrait to more closely conform to an ideal. What is this ideal? It is one set by the application’s developers based on their research using hundreds and hundreds of faces.

The program needs the user to first mark 5 specific points (obvious ones, not to worry) on the face being edited. The alterations can reshape the face, improve skin texture or smoothness, whiten spots such as the teeth, and remove red eye issues. All of the alterations can be very subtle, depending on the user’s slider preferences. The software works with head-on and three-quarter shots, although it cannot function properly with side views because not all 5 points that need to be marked out shall be visible.

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Last updated: : July 28, 2014