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What is PHAWorks?

PHAWorks is a tool which is used to carry out the Process Hazard Analysis (PHA) studies. This includes What If and HAZOP studies. It is made to let users begin undergo studies straight out of the box, guiding them through every step of data entry. In minutes, users can begin documenting their PHA studies efficiently while the team concentrates on the assigned task. PHAWorks does not get in the way of the conducted study. It is a tool that is made to assist, not hinder, the study’s performance. PHA studies, including What If, FMEA and HAZOP have become quicker, easier and cheaper thanks to PHAWorks, because it saves both time and cost. It is a tool that is necessary for users’ companies. This PHA software is trusted and used by many students, since their studies have been successfully completed with the help of this program.

With the help of PHAWorks, users can use a consistent framework to improve the quality of their studies. Users may also adapt different PHA techniques to hold their studies, as well as customize the software for other uses. Users can create their reports in PDF, Word, Excel and HTML formats.

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