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If you are looking for Pervasive.SQL, you have come to the right place. We explain what Pervasive.SQL is and point you to the official download.

What is Pervasive.SQL?

Pervasive.SQL or Pervasive PSQL is a database management system from the Actian Corporation. It uses a relational model for data storage and belongs to the category of databases that are embedded into applications. It can detect multiple processor cores when they are available and also sports support for Internet Protocol versions 4 and 6. It was capable of performing locking on the row level. It can compress records and pages. It also has encryption capabilities: to be precise, it can perform encryption over the wire as well as for data.

The program is actually equipped with 2 engines to carry out its work. The first one is the SQL relational database engine. The second of the engines is a microkernel database engine. It is the first one that handles SQL query planning/caching, triggers, cursors, database-level security, and stored procedures. It is the latter that handles reading, insertion, updating, deletion, index management, record locking, data caching, transactions, data encryption and compression, and rollforwards as well as rollbacks. The program is capable of running on Windows operating systems such as Windows XP, Windows 8 and Windows 7.

Download Pervasive.SQL from the developer

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File types supported by Pervasive.SQL

Our users primarily use Pervasive.SQL to open these file types:

About file types supported by Pervasive.SQL

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Last updated: : September 24, 2014