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Peggle Nights Application

If you are looking for Peggle Nights Application, you have come to the right place. We explain what Peggle Nights Application is and point you to the official download.

What is Peggle Nights Application?

Peggle Nights Application is related to the software Peggle Nights, which is an interactive game developed by PopCap Games for Windows, Mac OS X, iOS and portable gaming consoles. The game’s objective is to hit as many orange pegs as possible. Peggle Nights is a continuation of the original Peggle game, but this time, all the action takes place during the night.

The player needs to hit at least 25 orange pegs using only ten metal balls that the player shoots from the top of the window, through a launcher. Basically, the player has to complete all levels to daybreak in. There are four colored pegs that appear on the screen, which gives the user points when hit. Pegs come in the following colors: Blue, Purple, Orange and Green. There are two green pegs that appear on each level. When a green peg is hit, it releases a magical power which helps the player with their game play.

The magical powers are controlled by “masters.” There are several Masters that provide assistance to the player, and they include the following: Bjorn Unicorn, Jimmy Lightning, Renfield Pumpkin, Kat Tut, Splork, Claude Lobster, Tula Sunflower, Lord Cinderbottom, Warren Rabbit and Master Hu.

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Last updated: : May 7, 2013