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If you are looking for PCB123, you have come to the right place. We explain what PCB123 is and point you to the official download.

What is PCB123?

PCB123 is one of Sunstone’s products and basically serves as a PCB design solution with a design-to-order key function. In other words, a user can put together a complete circuit board using his preferred component parts and layers when using the software, which even provides a 3-dimensional display of the constructed item. Users should note, however, that due to its main function being that of serving as a design-to-order program, the actual designs created on the board cannot be exported to other applications. There is nothing stopping a user from taking a screenshot of the constructed board’s visualization, however, by making use of the Print Screen command.

PCB123 allows the user to order PCB components straight through the software. More than 750K parts are available in the program, and users who order their parts through the software are assured of on-time shipping. Quotes sent to the application are updated in real-time—users will have to keep their computers connected to the Web to make use of this feature, though. The software does not impose drill size limits on quick turn orders made through it and works on Windows computers.

Download PCB123 from the developer

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Download PCB123 (external link)


File types supported by PCB123

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About file types supported by PCB123

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Last updated: : September 4, 2014