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PASW Statistics

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What is PASW Statistics?

PASW Statistics is a program intended for analytical/statistical data management on a more advanced level than basic spreadsheets. The original program was developed by SPSS Inc., but the current iteration now exists under IBM’s development, since IBM purchased SPSS in 2010. The latest iteration has been improved in many ways, with the addition of fresh nonparametric tests to new support for 64-bit systems. Statistical Process Control charts now also have a function that allows users to check their rules swiftly.

The program allows users to record, analyze, derive and document data through numerous functions that include statistical description (such as through cross tabulation), statistical hypothesis testing, and outcome or pattern prediction. The program also includes a Help database that indexes all functions and includes tutorials for those new to it and statistical analysis. Advanced users can create more complex processes by programming their own commands in the software and essentially crafting their own statistical application within PASW Statistics.

Data documentation options include highly-customizable tabular and chart outputs, as well as file format selections such as PDF, DOC/DOCX, XLS and HTML. Graphic output formats include JPEG, BMP and PNG. Data may be published on the Web as well.

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File types supported by PASW Statistics

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Last updated: : June 1, 2014