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What is OtsDJ?

OtsDJ is the old name for what is currently known as the OtsAV product from Ots Labs. It was (especially when it was still going by OtsDJ) an audio playout solution for professional performers and media artists. It was often used by DJs (hence the name), as well as karaoke music managers, and even musical enthusiasts.

The program allowed users to mix and polish their audio with various professional utilities. Some of the tools in the program were beat mixers, smart fade mixers, and dynamics processors comparable to those used in professional studios. Many of the tools were also equipped with automated functions, so users could save time while still getting premium audio for their finished product. It also had a video presentation component, of course, that allowed users in karaoke settings to present professional music video-like performances for customers. It had tools for managing volume, an advanced hardware control for MIDI devices, a strong media library, looping, key sliding, and more. It was also released for the Windows operating system, specifically Windows 2000, Windows Vista, and Windows XP—it has also been tested successfully on Windows 7.

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