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What is OS Tools?

OS Tools are generally applications that can help the user manage and maintain their operating systems, and its programs and applications. The software may be developed exclusively for Windows systems or Mac OS X systems. In most cases, developers of OS Tools have a version for Windows and a separate version for Mac OS X.

Depending on the developer, features of OS Tools may vary. Generally, OS Tools includes a system protection application like anti-virus, anti-malware and spyware, bot blocker and remover, and rootkit remover.

OS Tools may also include an installation manager, which handles installation and updates of programs, apps and drivers. In addition, the tool package may also contain a backup and recovery utility; allowing the user to create backups of the computer’s hard drives, partitions, files and folders. In some cases, the user is also able to create disk images, including apps and programs, for deployment to another computer or to a network of computers.

This type of software is usually distributed as shareware. Trial versions may be available, depending on the developer’s discretion. However, these can be used for a limited time only, and certain advanced features may not be available in the trial version.

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