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OmniCom Application

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What is OmniCom Application?

The OmniCom Application may refer to OmniCom’s Track Locator, an app meant for those working in the railway industry. This smartphone app leverages the technology behind Android’s location service in order to supply the user with his current location according to the Engineering Line Reference, the Track Identifier, and the Mileage—a complete railway reference location, in other words. It is also capable of working with Google Maps so that users can get a scalable map view of their area. Latitude and longitude data are also suppled.

Of course, since the app piggybacks off the smartphone’s GPS and Android location services, it cannot be expected to consistently deliver very precise location references upon request. There may also be times when the program cannot supply a precise track identifier—this happens when it cannot determine with reliable accuracy what that track identifier would be. It will only show a rail reference when an appropriate location determination has been acquired—the default setting for the program is to have it only at better than 100m. There used to be a track ID function toggle on the app, but that was removed in later versions.

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Last updated: : January 11, 2015