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NTI Media Maker

If you are looking for NTI Media Maker, you have come to the right place. We explain what NTI Media Maker is and point you to the official download.

What is NTI Media Maker?

The NTI Media Maker suite is a powerful multimedia authoring and creation application that can be used to collect video, music, and images and mix them into compelling movies, soundtracks, or slideshows, and then finally burn them to discs or share them to your family and friends. Much like the full-featured multimedia packages of such giants as Nero, Cyberlink, and Roxio, the Media Maker suite from NTI delivers on all fronts of the multimedia field and gives users several options – some of whose features are unique to the suite – to generate their desired content. The NTI Media Maker features several discrete components that are unified under the Media Maker architecture (one of these is the NTI AudioEditor, concerned with the creation of music, remixing these music, or cobbling together several audio files to create your own music all in the sleek and simple interface of the NTI Media Maker application). The NTI Media Maker is available in different languages.

The NTI Media Maker can edit video, audio, and images, and while the tools are only semi-professional and will not stand up to heavy-duty editing (such as for commercial films), they are certainly more than enough for most home consumer use.

Download NTI Media Maker from the developer

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Download NTI Media Maker (external link)


File types supported by NTI Media Maker

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About file types supported by NTI Media Maker

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Last updated: : December 23, 2023