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If you are looking for NoClone, you have come to the right place. We explain what NoClone is and point you to the official download.

What is NoClone?

Reasonable NoClone works by placing binary comparison. This is a type of software that spots duplicate emails, basing them on the content, subject, and date received. It ensures that duplicate files are uncovered, and have similar content. It also has a broad range of file of file types, which includes documents, audio, images, Outlook emails, and video. NoClone applies binary comparison, unlike other types of file finder tools that use MD5 match algorithm. Through binary comparison, it is ensured that uncovered duplicates have the exact same file content. This allows the user to remove duplicate files, without having to worry about false duplicates. NoClone supports a variety of file types, which include, pptx xlsx, docx, audio files (mp3s, wmas, wavs) video files (mp4, vob, flv) and image files (jpg, gif, bmp). It can work with other types of removable media services like floppy discs and USB drives.

NoClone’s Smart Maker feature can smoothly detect duplicate files and folders for removal, according to their file size, date, file name, and version. By using this software, disk space will increase up to 50 percent, so users do not have to purchase an external hard drive.

Download NoClone from the developer

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Download NoClone (external link)


File types supported by NoClone

Our users primarily use NoClone to open these file types:

About file types supported by NoClone

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Last updated: : August 12, 2014