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NI LabWindows/CVI

What is NI LabWindows/CVI?

National Instruments’ LabWindows/CVI (C for Virtual Instrumentation) an ANSI C integrated development environment which has been around for about 25 years, when it was first released in 1987 for DOS. Subsequently, it was reconfigured to work for Windows and works with virtual instrumentation software called LabView, which is developed by the same company; however the latter is targeted more for scientists, while LabWindows is for software engineers who are used to manipulating text-based programming languages.

Simply put, LabWindows/CVI (or more commonly called CVI) is an IDE used to create virtual instruments. This differs from traditional hardware instruments such as digital meters that are used for only a specific set of event or stimulus, making them very limited; a virtual instrument instead uses an available (and technically similar) hardware in a computer to emulate what traditional metering instruments could perform; for example a converter may be used as an oscilloscope. CVI has several hardware libraries included in the package, plus a GUI builder with UI functions and components.

New versions of LabWindows/CVI also take advantage of multiple cores in a modern computer to deliver faster performance.

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File types supported by NI LabWindows/CVI

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