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NetOp School

If you are looking for NetOp School, you have come to the right place. We explain what NetOp School is and point you to the official download.

What is NetOp School?

Netop School is a solution for digital classroom management. The program has since been replaced by the company developing it with a utility called Netop Vision Pro, but Vision Pro and School still share a lot of features, such as an intuitive UI design that makes use of the classic ribbon toolbar style, a la Microsoft. Both require a network connection in order to be used, for obvious reasons, and both support WiFi connections.

The administrator of the system of computers running the program—the instructor of the classroom being managed, in other words—can control user access for all members of the system. Resources can be managed through various access settings and Internet usage can be restricted to allow only URLs or Web-based resources useful for the lesson to get through.

Netop School is no longer being developed or sold by Netop due to its replacement by Vision Pro, and official support for users was also ended in 2013. However, the company did encourage School users to switch to Vision Pro as an upgrade and explained too that those with Advantage plans could make the upgrade for free.

Download NetOp School from the developer

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Download NetOp School (external link)


File types supported by NetOp School

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About file types supported by NetOp School

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Last updated: : July 20, 2014