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Native Instruments Kontakt

What is Native Instruments Kontakt?

Native Instruments Kontakt is software that provides the user with a music sampler for audio production projects. The software provides filters, effects, and an instrument library. Music creation through the Native Instruments Kontakt software is enabled on a Windows and Mac computer.

The four effects integrated into the software are Solid G-EQ, Solid Bus Comp, Transient Master and Tape Saturator. The first effect, Solid G-EQ provides a 4-band equalizer, while the second effect, Solid Bus Comp, provides the user with a utility for creating buss compressor audio. The Transient Master effect meanwhile, allows the user to re-configure percussions. Lastly, the Tape Saturator effect allows the user to compress audio in a way that is similar to that of an analog tape’s.

All of these effects are also offered as standalone products. This means that each effect is offered as an individual software program.

The latest release of Native Instruments Kontakt is Kontakt 5. This is integrated with more filters, about 37 in all. Filters are grouped into the following: Low Pass, High Pass, Band Pass, Peak/Notch Filters, Multi-Filter and Effect Filter.

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File types supported by Native Instruments Kontakt

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