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If you are looking for MyPaint, you have come to the right place. We explain what MyPaint is and point you to the official download.

What is MyPaint?

MyPaint is a digital art software created by MyPaint Development team. It was founded by Martin Renold to continue the artistic touches of the users even in the digital age. The software is intended for artists who have virtual canvasses and tablets. This breakthrough enables them to draw, paint and portray designs whenever or wherever they may be. The software is an open source suite which means that they can download it over the internet for free.

Included in the features of MyPaint application is its multiple brush selection. The user can choose from charcoal, Chinese brush and more. After choosing the medium, a color picker and a color wheel menu are made available on the sidebar of the canvass. All the color shades are available in the color wheel. The canvass is flexible enough that the user doesn't have to resize it to fit his painting.

MyPaint software runs in Windows and Linux Operating system. It also supports tablets, touchpads and other devices with virtual stylus. MyPaint is also specifically designed as pressure sensitive so tablet users' canvass doesn't react on when it comes in contact with the user's palms and wrists. This is to avoid accidently filling color in the canvass.

Download MyPaint from the developer

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Download MyPaint (external link)


File types supported by MyPaint

Our users primarily use MyPaint to open these file types:

About file types supported by MyPaint

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Last updated: : October 11, 2013