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MV Lucida Console Font

If you are looking for MV Lucida Console Font, you have come to the right place. We explain what MV Lucida Console Font is and point you to the official download.

What is MV Lucida Console Font?

The MV Lucida Console Font is one of the alphabetic fonts available for use with Microsoft Products. Lucide Console itself is a typeface that was derived from the Lucida typefaces originally created by Kris Holmes and Charles Bigelow in the 80’s. The Console version is a sans serif font and is very similar to the Sans Typewriter style for the typeface family: the most noticeable differences between it and the latter are a reduction in the line spaces and the addition of Windows Glyph List 4 in order to support its use with several European languages such as Turkish, Cyrillic and Greek.

The Lucida Console Font has balanced, rounded characters with good height to the miniscule (lower-case letters). This results in it being among the easiest fonts to read, which explains its popularity. People who install the font on their machines typically use it for business documents that require easy comprehension, including spreadsheets, charts and the like. The font’s character spacing can be adjusted in order to achieve either a more compact or spread out look. It can also be put together with other Lucinda fonts for stylized font pairing.

Download MV Lucida Console Font from the developer

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Download MV Lucida Console Font (external link)


File types supported by MV Lucida Console Font

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Last updated: : July 17, 2014