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muvee Reveal X

If you are looking for muvee Reveal X, you have come to the right place. We explain what muvee Reveal X is and point you to the official download.

What is muvee Reveal X?

muvee Reveal X is also known as muvee Reveal 10. This is a home movie maker for Windows OS users. It can export a number of formats and media, from videos to audios and even images. The finished videos can then be exported in WMV, MP4, DV-AVI, AVI, H.264, MOV, MPEG4, MPEG2 and MPEG1. Other formats—more specifically, HD ones—are also available as export options, but users should note that they only become feasible when the program is paired with 2GB of RAM (1GB RAM systems cannot save muvee files in HD).

The software is packed with features that facilitate home video creation, from automatic face zooming/centering to music blending (up to 3 full tracks may be blended) and trimming. Quick video styles are available for easy selection and color filters may be applied independent of each style. Cinematic titling options have already been designed and provided by the developers to the users, and myriad embellishing objects are also provided. The software generates project billboards for each home video automatically and there are also sharing and zipping solutions for those who want to collaborate with others on a project.

Download muvee Reveal X from the developer

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Download muvee Reveal X (external link)


File types supported by muvee Reveal X

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Last updated: : July 28, 2014