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If you are looking for Movienizer, you have come to the right place. We explain what Movienizer is and point you to the official download.

What is Movienizer?

Movienizer is a movie organizer which includes encyclopedia-like features. Once Movienizer’s movie catalog program has been used, users will always find out where they can locate a particular movie in their hard drives or shelves. They can also find out what type of subtitles, parameters, or audio tracks it contains. Also included is a detailed list of actors, the film’s synopsis, and as a bonus, the movie cover. Thanks to Movienizer, users will learn everything about the world of movies. They can find out what awards were given to a certain film, the movie’s budget, and which actors starred in it. They can even find out what age the actors played in the movie, their complete birthdate, and what other films they have appeared in.

After users have included their favorite movies inside the Movienizer, they will always know if they have already seen this particular movie, about the movie’s details, and how much the user liked the movie. A quick look at the movie’s description, plus some shots from the film will appear. These shots can be included from the corresponding DVD or file. Movienizer can store the user’s personal movie rating, as well as ratings coming from online databases such as IMDb.

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File types supported by Movienizer

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About file types supported by Movienizer

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Last updated: : September 27, 2014