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Mouse and Keyboard Recorder

If you are looking for Mouse and Keyboard Recorder, you have come to the right place. We explain what Mouse and Keyboard Recorder is and point you to the official download.

What is Mouse and Keyboard Recorder?

Robot Soft’s Mouse and Keyboard Recorder is a graphical solution for creating automated or repetitive tasks on a computer. It records keyboard and mouse activity on a computer system and then stores it as a task (as opposed to a video, where the user would be recording mere moving imagery, not the actual processes triggered by each mouse click or keystroke logged by the software). This task can then be set to run at a specific time, date or interval to give users the power to automate particular jobs they often run on their machines.

Just about every activity performed with a mouse and keyboard can be logged by the application. For instance, users can record themselves going through a series of mouse clicks in order to run an antivirus scan on their computer and save that process as a recurring task. Another example would be users recording themselves drawing something on a raster graphics editor using a mouse. This translates to automation without the need for explicit coding, permitting even non-programmers to task their systems to run commands or operations as needed and with minimal user effort.

Download Mouse and Keyboard Recorder from the developer

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File types supported by Mouse and Keyboard Recorder

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About file types supported by Mouse and Keyboard Recorder

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Last updated: : July 28, 2014