Moorhuhn Kart

What is Moorhuhn Kart?

Moorhuhn Kart is the name of a game that is likely more recognizable to gamers from German-speaking regions—“moorhuhn” actually translates to the English “moorhen” and is the name for a game franchise that has gone through several iterations since its first shooting-game release. Moorhuhn Kart, of course, has rather a different play model, as indicated by the “Kart” in the name. This game belongs to the racing game category.

Like many other kart games, this is competitive assault racing: that is, players can try to derail or hinder opponents from getting to the finish line by using various weapons that they can pick up on the track. Beating track challenges also leads to new, unlocked kart options. There are multiplayer modes in the game and users can choose too from different racing modes as well as different tracks and eras. Users can choose their preferred racing character too, with the main character option being the Moorhuhn mascot himself—or Crazy Chicken, as he would be known in the English version (which, obviously, is named Crazy Chicken Kart). The game is playable only on Windows operating systems.

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