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MilkShape 3D

If you are looking for MilkShape 3D, you have come to the right place. We explain what MilkShape 3D is and point you to the official download.

What is MilkShape 3D?

MilkShape 3D is a polygon modeling application well-known in the indie gaming community. Users can create and edit many types of 3D game models using the software, from Quake models to Half-Life models. Different types of primitives are supported by the program, which is also capable of animating models using the skeletal animation technique. Thus, it can be used to rig models and meshes and describe mesh deformation using the underlying bones.

One of the features for which MilkShape 3D is best known is its extensive file support. Not only can it import over 50 file types, but it can also export a similarly large number of formats. It can import and export AutoCAD DXF, for instance, as well as AutoDesk 3DS, Quake II MD2, Quake III Arena MD3, The Sims SKN, The Sims 2 UniMesh, Warcraft III MDX, and more. The extensive support for many game model file formats explains in part why it is so popular in the gaming and game designing community, at least for those developers who do not have the resources often available only to larger game design studios. MilkShape 3D is freeware, and thus a far more accessible tool for them than many of the “studio programs” available.

Download MilkShape 3D from the developer

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Download MilkShape 3D (external link)


File types supported by MilkShape 3D

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About file types supported by MilkShape 3D

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Last updated: : July 11, 2014