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MicroWorlds Pro

If you are looking for MicroWorlds Pro, you have come to the right place. We explain what MicroWorlds Pro is and point you to the official download.

What is MicroWorlds Pro?

MicroWorlds Pro is a coding platform for learners using the Logo language for their programs and is most often found in academic settings, where students use it to create interactive web design projects. The MicroWorlds Pro software is capable of functioning as a web authoring utility due to its ability to compose HTML templates for use in presenting projects online as well as its online hyperlinking facilities. It supports colored shapes and animations and also gives users media editing and creation tools such as drawing utilities and an expansive color palette. Other media can be added to projects through simple drag and drop file manipulation, with even HTML elements supported for this feature.

The program has two versions: one for Mac users and another for Windows users. The Windows version boasts compatibility with MS Office programs, which can come in useful for users who rely on Word’s spellchecking feature for quick proofreading or on Excel to create charts. The program is most often used by students in Grades 2 and above, and is also frequently employed in classes with a mathematical subject matter, such as geometry.

Download MicroWorlds Pro from the developer

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Download MicroWorlds Pro (external link)


File types supported by MicroWorlds Pro

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About file types supported by MicroWorlds Pro

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Last updated: : November 28, 2022