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What is Microsoft Xbox?

The Microsoft Xbox needs no introduction to gaming enthusiasts, being one of the best-known video game consoles of its generation. The first iteration of the product came out in 2001 and represented the first attempt from Microsoft to break into the gaming console market. Since then, it and its successors the Xbox 360 and Xbox One have continued to compete with consoles as well known as the Playstation.

The Xbox has its own customized OS and is capable of acting as a media player, like many other gaming consoles: users can load audio files on it and use it like any other music player. It sported a Pentium III processor at the time of its release and was also equipped with an internal drive carrying up to 10GB of memory, with the GPU being a 233MHz type one. Since then, of course, its hardware has been upgraded several times to meet more demanding game requirements.

Some of the most popular titles ever released for the console include Halo: Combat Evolved, Halo 2, Project Gotham Racing, Dead or Alive 3, SWTOR, Grand Theft Auto III and MechAssault.

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