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Microsoft Lync Attendee

If you are looking for Microsoft Lync Attendee, you have come to the right place. We explain what Microsoft Lync Attendee is and point you to the official download.

What is Microsoft Lync Attendee?

Microsoft Lync Attendee is a program developed for users to enable them to join online meetings or conferences held via Microsoft Lync 2010, even without Microsoft Lync 2010 installed on the system. In other words, Microsoft Lync Attendee enables non-Microsoft Lync 2010 users to participate in online conferences as guests, which requires no authentication.

However, depending on the discretion of the administrator, Microsoft Lync Attendee may also be required to be authenticated first before being allowed to participate. In which case, corporate passkey or other authentication credentials need to be provided by the user. They may also have to wait until the organizer or presenter of the meeting admits them to the conference.

Microsoft Lync Attendee provides the user with communication tools that are generally provided with Microsoft Lync 2010: IM (Instant Messaging) service, as well as audio and video support. Users are likewise allowed to share applications and presentations.

The user can acquire the program in several ways. First, the company may install it on employee computers, or the organizer of the meeting will provide a link to the program to allow others to participate in the conference, or the user may install it on their computers, with company approval.

Download Microsoft Lync Attendee from the developer

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Download Microsoft Lync Attendee (external link)


File types supported by Microsoft Lync Attendee

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About file types supported by Microsoft Lync Attendee

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Last updated: : December 3, 2022