Microsoft Binder

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What is Microsoft Binder?

Microsoft Binder is a discontinued application that is part of Microsoft Office shared tools. It is available with Microsoft Office 97, 95 and 2000 that enables different types of 0LE 2.0 objects such as spreadsheets, documents and presentations to be in one file like a notebook. This means that you can add a Microsoft Excel worksheet, a Microsoft PowerPoint presentation and a Microsoft Word document into one binder without having to open the individual applications to create a file or files. Microsoft Binder files have the format OBD. Office Binder template are formatted as OBT, while Microsoft Office Binder Wizard uses OBZ file extension.

These files can be opened by Microsoft versions up to 2003. To unbind sections of an Office Binder file into individual files, you must locate the binder file in Microsoft Windows Explorer, My Computer or on your desktop. Right-click the binder file, then click Unbind. The sections in the binder will be saved in the same folder as the binder file as individual files. The Unbind command is unavailable in Microsoft Windows NT Workstation 3.51, so in order to save a section as a separate file, go to the Section menu and click Save As File for every section you want to save separately.

If you want to delete a section, go to the Section menu and click Delete. Right-click the icon on the left of the section pane and click Delete. Files that can be compiled or added to a binder are XLT, XLS, XLW and Scraps of Microsoft Excel, SLK [Symbolic Link or SYLK], DOC, DOT and Scraps of Microsoft Word, RTF or Rich Text Format, PPT, POT and Scraps of Microsoft PowerPoint, OBD and OBT of Microsoft Binder.

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Last updated: : October 18, 2012