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What is MestReNova?

MestReNova may refer to Mnova NMR, which is an analytical chemistry application for use in the processing of NMR data. As such, it is most often found in chemical laboratories, whether public, academic or private. It is has multiplatform compatibility, being capable of running on Linux, Windows and Mac OS X. It also supports data input from various magnet vendors, from Agilent to Oxford Instruments, which means users can have a single solution for dealing with different types of data systems.

One of the greatest strengths of the program is its ability to process data deeply while still keeping its raw form available for more complex processing. It has powerful analytical abilities made possible by inbuilt algorithms for efficient, optimal and professional analysis. It also sports a WYSIWYG interface, which means users know exactly what their data will look like in export for publishing purposes. It also renders the program easy and intuitive to use. The software offers users the ability to make use of templates for efficiency (these are also usable in reporting operations). It can be scripted, offering users the opportunity for macro creation.

Download MestReNova from the developer

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File types supported by MestReNova

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About file types supported by MestReNova

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Last updated: : December 1, 2022