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MELSOFT Navigator

If you are looking for MELSOFT Navigator, you have come to the right place. We explain what MELSOFT Navigator is and point you to the official download.

What is MELSOFT Navigator?

The MELSOFT Navigator is a program from Mitsubishi Electric intended for use as an administrative system for managing resources and data in engineering projects. It has a graphic interface as well as the ability to support multi-project management (and varied project types). Furthermore, it supports the creation of universal network maps for managing unit settings system-wide. The program makes use of a shared database that updates labeling data in real-time, sparing users the trouble of having to inform each team member one by one of changes in labeling. Another efficiency-promoting feature of the software is its capacity to use a diagram for system configurations to generate parameters automatically, and in batches.

The MELSOFT Navigator also has what Mitsubishi Electric is calling a “Jump” function—one that lets the user jump to a motion program simply by right-clicking on it in a programmable logic controller’s window. Motion dedicated devices are also supported in its configuration features. Finally, MELSOFT Navigator also has the ability to perform batch reading, which means the user can download multiple applications, parameters and project data for various projects in a single process.

Download MELSOFT Navigator from the developer

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Last updated: : August 6, 2014