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What is Media Gallery?

The Sony Media Gallery are one of the two free application add-ons for the Sony Vaio line of laptops, one of which is the Picture Motion Browser that acts as a photo library manager and image viewer. The Sony Media Gallery does the same with the Picture Motion Browser (PMB) does with photos, only that the Media Gallery deals with both audio, like music, and video, like movies. However, like the PMB, it can also have a limited function with photos, and while the PMB has a lot of cool features as regards to image viewing, the Sony Media Gallery offers impressive sorting and management tools for all types of media – audio, video, and photo.

The Sony Media Gallery can be accessed simply by pressing the Vaio button on your machine (by default – you can also set what application or service to launch if you don’t like the default option). Aside from being able to organize your media files, the Sony Media Gallery will look at your choices and recommend you songs or videos from YouTube depending on the media you have sorted, and also features a mood player where songs can be played depending on the different times of the day, to suit your mood.

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Last updated: : May 3, 2012