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MBT Desktop Pro

If you are looking for MBT Desktop Pro, you have come to the right place. We explain what MBT Desktop Pro is and point you to the official download.

What is MBT Desktop Pro?

MBT Desktop Pro is an advanced application intended specifically for traders. It comes from MB Trading, after all, which is one of the better-known US-based electronic communication network traders. The Desktop Pro application facilitates the trading process and users’ strategies by supplying classic trader ordering and management tools in conjunction with analytical utilities.

This application actually demonstrates just one of the platform options available for those trading with MB Trading: there is also a mobile alternative, for instance. The program supports currency switching and provides data snapshot tools such as the Market Depth utility, which shows the trader which orders are going through, what size current transactions have, and what price they are rating. It also has some charting utilities, including a powerful option with more than 100 indicators for comprehensive data reports. Users also get the benefit of MB Trading’s Research and Morning Notes, a dedicated tool called the MBT Options Strategist that functions specifically to aid those placing advanced orders, a scripting language for those who want to script their own executables for the program, and—at least compared to the competition—low commission rates.

Download MBT Desktop Pro from the developer

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File types supported by MBT Desktop Pro

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About file types supported by MBT Desktop Pro

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Last updated: : December 14, 2014