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MatrixEngine SE

If you are looking for MatrixEngine SE, you have come to the right place. We explain what MatrixEngine SE is and point you to the official download.

What is MatrixEngine SE?

MatrixEngine SE is a 3D display engine, specifically one to be used with 3D web-hosted content. While it enables 3D graphics viewing as such, it in itself is not a complete solution for 3D display. It works in tandem with other elements of the computing environment in order to make 3D graphics viewable and cannot run properly without those other elements.

To be precise, anyone hoping to use MatrixEngine SE will find that it requires them to have a CPU with sufficient processing power to allow the program to run properly. Among other things, the application also demands 3D-graphics-capable hardware, a sufficiently speedy connection to prevent streamed data or media from freezing, a virtual random access memory of at least 16MB, a color monitor of the 16bit or 32bit type, and DirectX. Most importantly, the user’s video accelerator and its driver need to support 3D rendering/display.

Due to the system load involved in 3D displays, the program is not at its best on older computers or laptops. More powerful systems are what bring out its true potential, allowing it to process and display 3D graphics smoothly.

Download MatrixEngine SE from the developer

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Download MatrixEngine SE (external link)


File types supported by MatrixEngine SE

Our users primarily use MatrixEngine SE to open these file types:

About file types supported by MatrixEngine SE

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Last updated: : January 11, 2015