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If you are looking for MapInstall, you have come to the right place. We explain what MapInstall is and point you to the official download.

What is MapInstall?

The MapInstall is an application that enables users to install various maps to a Garmin GPS tool. Garmin GPS is a host of global positioning system devices used in mobile or deviced-attached navigations. They are widely used in marine, aviation, law enforcement, outdoor sports and recreation, automotive, business forwarding, shipping and security and other industries.

For individuals, the MapInstall allows easy navigation of unfamiliar routes with features like zoom, detailed information extraction, directions, landmark references and GPS data. It is useful for overseas trips, nature trecking, mountain climbing and even simple activities like ordinary driving and new neighborhood explorations.

It is created by Garmin International and is designed to install GPS maps only to a Garmin device, and not on a computer or other mobile devices. However, there are features in the MapInstall that can be used to install maps on a PC that uses the Mac operating system.

This application allows adding maps to the device that already has several maps preinstalled in it, or create a map library to devices that are completely blank and do not have any maps installed.

Some of the critical regions that show up in the maps installed using the MapInstall are locked by default and are indicated by red highlight. These can be unlocked by entering a code to the unlock menu or going online and unlocking the regions from a Garmin account.

Download MapInstall from the developer

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File types supported by MapInstall

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About file types supported by MapInstall

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Last updated: : July 16, 2012