Make The Cut! Application

What is Make The Cut! Application?

The Make the Cut! Application is an application that allows users to design and import images or shapes to be converted into physical shapes using a cutting plotter. A cutting plotter is a device that can be connected to a computer to receive data that will guide it in cutting a shape (using a knife mounted onto a moving point) out of a given material, which is usually paper or cardboard. The plotter is used for accurate cutting, as the computer-aided movement allows for greater precision.

Make the Cut! lets users place shapes on a vector map—a grid, basically, that corresponds to a grid on the cutting plotter. The data on the grid—where the image is positioned on it, which squares have what parts of the image, and so on—is what allows cutting plotters their precision. Make the Cut! is thus a program for users with cutting plotters who need a way of creating files that their machines can “print” (or cut, as it were): the software is capable of importing nearly any type of image or cutting shape file, including PDFs. It is also compatible with most of the existing die cutters on the market.

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File types supported by Make The Cut! Application

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