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What is MailNavigator?

The MailNavigator software is a tool set that is used for efficient handling of email and news messages. It is also a multilingual software that provides incentives for users who will contribute to the development of support for different unsupported languages; the software already has support for English, Spanish, German, French, Italian, Danish, Dutch, Swedish, Polish, Russian, Brazilian, Portuguese, Lithuanian, Serbian, Catalan, Finnish, Romanian, and Hungarian.

The MailNavigator has features divided into two parts: the NAVIGATOR is a mail and news navigating feature that has unique abilities; the FILTER is an information retrieval tool set has access to mailbox folders and retrieve their information based on popular mail programs; Windows Live Mail, Windows Mail (Vista), MS Outlook, Outlook Express, MS Mail, MS News, Mozilla Thunderbird, Opera Mail, The Bat, Netscape Messenger, Eudora, Forte Agent, Pegasus Mail, Eserv, and other popular bases of Fidonet information network. The filters’ processing language uses standard operators such as OR, AND, NOT, NEAR, and their synonyms and parentheses defines the order of operators.

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File types supported by MailNavigator

Our users primarily use MailNavigator to open these file types:

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