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Lucom FormsForWeb Filler

If you are looking for Lucom FormsForWeb Filler, you have come to the right place. We explain what Lucom FormsForWeb Filler is and point you to the official download.

What is Lucom FormsForWeb Filler?

FormsForWeb Filler is a program made for the Microsoft Windows operating systems. These can be used to edit FormsForWeb forms offline, without connecting to the form server. Users can download the form from the form server to their computers and finish it by using the FormsForWeb Filler instead of a Web browser. And if needed, they can upload the finished form back to the form server. Lucom has extended their FormsForWeb Server technology. This program has been renamed as Lucom Interaction Platform, LIP in short.

Aside from using it as a professional form management system, the interaction platform interactive services can be accessed through the Internet, or the Intranet. Whether it is correspondence through the web or customer requests, in-house gathering or data processing, the electronic handling of invoice receipts is quicker and more transparent, thanks to the Lucom Interaction Platform processes and services. You will get to learn how Lucom Interaction Platforms help governments and companies talk to each other in a target-oriented and structured way. Lucom’s Interaction Platform are not just convenient online forms – They are a member of a centralized Web application and database.

Download Lucom FormsForWeb Filler from the developer

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File types supported by Lucom FormsForWeb Filler

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Last updated: : September 8, 2014