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LoiLoFit for Everio

If you are looking for LoiLoFit for Everio, you have come to the right place. We explain what LoiLoFit for Everio is and point you to the official download.

What is LoiLoFit for Everio?

The LoiLoFit for Everio software gets its name from the fact that it comes bundled in JVC Everio products. At its simplest, the program serves as a media management tool that lets the user save the media he is capturing with his camera onto his computer. The software can also be used as a playback application for that media.

Besides these basic functions, though, LoiLoFit for Everio is also capable of serving as an editing platform for videos. Users can generate original videos out of any selected video file by trimming it, adding special effects, adding captions or titles, and selecting background music for the project. Once users have managed to put together the video that they want, LoiLoFit for Everio also supplies them with the tools they need to share their creations with others. For example, it comes equipped with tools for DVD authoring, including Blu-Ray disc creation utilities (this is only included in the paid version of the program). If users prefer to publish in other ways, however, it is also possible, as LoiLoFit for Everio allows users to convert their media into other, portable device-friendly formats, and also has batch uploading tools for YouTube users.

Download LoiLoFit for Everio from the developer

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Download LoiLoFit for Everio (external link)


File types supported by LoiLoFit for Everio

Our users primarily use LoiLoFit for Everio to open these file types:

About file types supported by LoiLoFit for Everio

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Last updated: : January 11, 2015