What is LiknoWebButtonMaker?

LiknoWebButtonMaker or Likno Web Button Maker is a software program provided by Likno Software to enable users to create customized buttons for their Web pages. The software includes a selection of pre-set buttons, which the user can fully customize, allowing them to create buttons that are suitable to their website and/or Web pages.

When the program is launched, it opens a Graphical User Interface (GUI) that displays the pre-set button options. Each preset includes several designs. When a specific preset is accessed, it will be displayed on the button maker workspace. Users can then customize the button through the options provided just below the Presets panel and the workspace. Customization options include Dimension, Button Shape, Background, Button Material, Button Lights, Button Shadow, Text, and Text Actions.

Each customization option also provides several other choices. For instance, for the Button Lights option, users are given the option to customize light intensity for Diffuse Lights and Spot Lights; while for Button Material, users may choose from the Reflection presets, and define texture of the material, i.e. Emboss, Hue, Intensity, Saturation, and Contrast.

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Download LiknoWebButtonMaker (external link)

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File types supported by LiknoWebButtonMaker

Our users primarily use LiknoWebButtonMaker to open these file types:

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