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Lasershow Designer QuickShow

If you are looking for Lasershow Designer QuickShow, you have come to the right place. We explain what Lasershow Designer QuickShow is and point you to the official download.

What is Lasershow Designer QuickShow?

The Lasershow Designer Quickshow software comes from Pangolin and is used to design and control laser light shows. The software comes with some predesigned laser visuals and effects, but users have the ability to make their own too. Pairing various patterns with different effects results in hundreds of combinations, all unique, that users can add to their light show programs. Users can also create static frames if there is a particular graphic they want to emphasize (title pages, branding, and the like). Furthermore, the program packs some quick text input and design tools as well as image-to-light-show-pattern converters that can save users time in designing their patterns and visuals.

The program has automated beam positioning utilities that use beam mapping and supports multiple beam effects such as beam shape creation. While shows can be programmed ahead of time, users also get to manage shows live if necessary, giving the total control over their presentations. The program supports even abstract and complicated shapes, and can be managed through a variety of input devices, including touch screen, keyboard, mouse, and even MIDI. The software also has a previewing feature.

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Last updated: : August 27, 2014