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KROS plus

What is KROS plus?

KROS Plus is a Czech program for construction cost management and planning. It can synchronize with any construction cost database for up-to-date and accurate costing references and contains a large selection of modules that users can combine to provide the best costing plan for their projects. The Budget module, for instance, lets users create and evaluate the budgets for their projects, and is also able to export finished budgets in such formats as XLS or PDF. Another module includes calculation functions for constructors who need to edit their budgets and see the effects of alterations in real-time.

There is also a module that helps users monitor and keep detailed histories of actual spending (vs. projected spending) and a module for scheduling construction and other project activities in light the budget. Furthermore, the program has a module that helps the user manage potential suppliers, providing a means for him to evaluate his options and select the ideal ones based on his budget and plans.

Users of KROS Plus have also provided free online and over-the-phone support by the company. Furthermore, they have the option of taking training for the program.

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