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If you are looking for KooBits, you have come to the right place. We explain what KooBits is and point you to the official download.

What is KooBits?

KooBits 4.0 is an all-new innovative free e-book reader software that enables the user to conveniently view, organize, and manage all of his e-books in PDF, and KooBits’ very own interactive e-books that contain animation and multimedia. KooBits 4.0 not only has the basic functions of a universal eBook viewer and eBook manager. This includes organizing a library of e-book collection, highlighting in various different colors, annotating with symbols or icons by using the stamp feature and bookmarking. It also enables interactive functions such as page flipping, and game elements as well.

KooBits can download and open popular e-book formats, such as PDF and their very own interactive format. Users can download KooBits to enjoy a new book experience. A collective shelf of e-books can be organized, managed, and read all in one place. Users can also personalize their e-books with the Highlight and Stamp features to mark important sections, and use the Extraction tool to copy content, and piece them together however he likes, just like a scrapbook. KooBits also presents a variety of educational products with the latest technologies, to help children in primary schools learn effectively.

Download KooBits from the developer

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File types supported by KooBits

Our users primarily use KooBits to open these file types:

About file types supported by KooBits

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Last updated: : February 1, 2014