What is Klango?

The Klango Player 2.0 is a multimedia player and open media community software program. It is also used as a platform for making software solutions, by emphasizing those users who want aural and audio programs rather than visual. Users who own this program can make their accounts in the set up menus of the Klango Player 2. This program also grants them access to the Klango Open Media catalogue. This contains audio sources available to users, as well as to a community center where they can discuss with other users and join in the chats. The Klango Player 2.0 mixes sound, aural interaction, speech synthesis, media, and the Internet with social functions.

Those who want to listen to computer programs don’t need to get a monitor or screen reading software to be able to use this program, although sighted users can utilize this too. To be able to use Klango Player, users need to have a speech synthesizer, or else the aural interaction is limited. This player can support SAPI5 and SAPI4 compliant synthesizers. By using the Klango Player, users will also be able to record and play radio stations, podcasts, and audio books. They can also download a lot of add-on Klango Programs from the player itself, providing access to educational and entertaining software.

Download Klango from the developer

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Download Klango (external link)

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File types supported by Klango

Our users primarily use Klango to open these file types:

About file types supported by Klango

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